Improve Workflows With StandardFusion’s Slack Integration

Approval, project management, and collaboration workflows are standard components of any business. Ensuring these workflows operate as smooth as possible is essential for maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors. Whether you are an individual or part of a large compliance team, improving your day-to-day operations and processes is imperative.

Workflow Importance

Reduces Human Error

Human error is inevitable and is impossible to completely eliminate. With this being said, process-driven workflows do go a long way to minimizing human error and not only have the potential to save time, but also money. For example, companies can automate approval requests that would have previously been a time consuming and mundane task. This kind of automation can include a simple accept/reject button or be as complex as a survey assessment. By automating these tasks, the chance for human error also decreases.

Eliminate Risk

Without great processes and workflows, you can open up your business to tremendous risk. For instance, if an error happens in a company’s sales department, it could mean losing a potential client. Likewise, if an error happens in HR, it could mean a serious legal issue. Risk mitigation is essential to all businesses, particularly those that are seeking to scale quickly and break into new markets. Automating workflows enables team members to maintain their focus on important tasks while mitigating potential risks.

Improves Communication

Great communication is important in any business. This is especially true when it comes to compliance teams. The reason is that security and compliance teams need to quickly identify, assess, and manage controls and risks throughout an entire organization.

Whether you are part of a large team or smaller organization, the first step to building great communication is to implement streamlined processes for reviewing, implementation, evidence gathering, treatment plans, and corrective actions. The next step is to focus on automation and creating a single source of truth for risk and compliance-related data. By dedicating some time to streamlining communication in an organization, you’re working smarter rather than harder. As a result, you and your team ensure information is readily available, making assigning and completing essential compliance tasks more effective and efficient.

How does StandardFusion improve your workflows?

StandardFusion has a fully featured built-in task module with everything you need to create a proactive approach to compliance. This, in itself, is essentially a workflow tool, but we take it a step further. Our Slack integration allows your team to continue using familiar apps. It’s always a struggle to implement new workflows, particularly when these workflows are comprised of processes within processes. Integrating your compliance-related tasks into Slack enables you to identify, assess, review, approve, and even gather evidence in your existing communication implementation.

With so many essential apps dominating your time, our Slack integration keeps you connected with your team using the tools you already have in place. Custom notifications ensure you are always receiving updates on what will contribute to your business’s success. The integration allows team members to receive tasks, and complete tasks directly within Slack. Our Slack integration aims to improve your workflow automation and communication channels, reducing human error and decreasing risk as a result. The integration facilitates review processes, evidence gathering, and feedback from all required stakeholders.

Don’t burden your team with additional apps, and processes. Instead, integrate StandardFusion directly into the apps you’re already using. With StandardFusion, you can expect all of the configurable notifications and communication capabilities your team needs to continue building out your proactive approach to compliance.

Curious about how StandardFusion’s Slack integration will improve the workflows of your business? Request a demo today!