Strategic Partnership Program

A Holistic GRC Tool For Consultants And Managed Service Providers

Risk and compliance management projects can be complex and daunting - but they don’t have to be. Connect with us and learn how StandardFusion can make it easier.

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Why Apply to the Strategic Partnership Program?

Expand Your Business

Implement and manage GRC solutions for multiple clients more efficiently.

Improve IT Security

Avoid negligence in oversight in your efforts to mitigate risks and stay compliant.

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Strategic Partnership Program

Connect with our strategic partnership team and get started

Connect with our strategic partnership team and get started

Here Are Your Benefits as a Partner

1) Improve Efficiencies

Avoid duplication and reduce the time required to implement and manage risk and compliance programs for your clients.

2) Manage Complexity

Use a centralized data model to efficiently manage the complexities of innumerable compliance requirements, risks, and policies and controls.

3) Be Proactive and Integrated

Align people, technology, and processes to improve the integration of GRC within the organization and make it more responsive to business needs.

4) Streamline Collaboration

Assign any record to an owner and assign related tasks to different responsible individuals or teams as needed.

5) Establish Oversight and
Increase Transparency

Access and view risk and compliance data easily through in-tool dashboards and communicate it to external stakeholders using reports.

Access Powerful Features as a Partner

Centralized Data Model

Complete GRC Solution

Framework Agnostic

Task Management

Intuitive User Experience

Dashboards and Reports

Import Existing Data


Integrations and API

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Success Stories

Michael Goodwin
Chief Operating Officer

“Now that I have a dedicated tool, there’s a lot less stress having to worry about producing documentation and making sure we have what they need.

All the evidence we need to provide is already in the platform. Before, things were so hard to track using SharePoint.

With StandardFusion, I can even give auditors guest access and enable them to pull reports on their own.”

Sandy Buchanan
Chief Security Officer

”StandardFusion allows us to demonstrate clients how we enable them to meet their compliance objectives.

Being able to tell our compliance story enables faster sales and reduced sales friction by lowering back and forth as a result of compliance questionnaires.

StandardFusion has saved countless hours in maintaining our compliance programs and has made demonstrating compliance to clients simple.”

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