Incident Management

Unify Incident and Compliance Management

Unify incident management with compliance efforts, offering immediate visibility into incidents’ implications on your compliance posture and facilitating effective resolutions.

Why Incident Management?



Cyber incidents, such as cyber crime and data breaches, were reported as the leading risk to businesses globally for 2023 by 34% of risk management experts

$4.45 M

Reaching an all-time high, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was 4.45 million. This means a 15% increase over 3 years.


Only 20% of businesses are looking into over 20 incidents per day while getting close to 70% of firms receive 100 or more danger warnings each day.

Integrated Incident Response for Enhanced Security

Automatically link incidents to risk assessments and compliance frameworks, helping you understand how risks, controls, assets, and other records impact one another
Streamline incident resolution with direct insights into potential impacts, facilitating proactive defence enhancements and compliance alignment.
Enhance systemic issue identification and resolution, reinforcing organizational defences and compliance with every incident managed.

Proactive Management for Incident Prevention

Shift from reactive to proactive incident management with automated alerts and trend analysis, identifying potential issues before they escalate.
Utilize pre-configured response workflows to automate incident response, allowing for quick adaptation and continuous strategy improvement.
Foster a culture of continuous improvement and resilience, empowering your organization to stay ahead of incidents and minimize operational disruptions.

Empowering Team Coordination And Stakeholder Communication

Facilitate seamless team coordination and stakeholder communication, ensuring a unified approach to incident management and recovery.
Provide comprehensive incident lifecycle visibility and automated workflows, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing stakeholder trust.
Build a collaborative environment that enhances trust among stakeholders, securing buy-in and reinforcing the role of incident management within the GRC strategy.

Advanced Features, Empowered Decisions

Features designed to enhance collaboration, understanding, and strategic action in incident management.

Automated Alert System

Quickly identify and address incidents with StandardFusion’s automated alerts, drastically reducing response times and minimizing operational impacts.

Centralized Team Collaboration

Enhance team efficiency and communication with StandardFusion, ensuring synchronized efforts across all response activities.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Anticipate and preemptively address potential issues with proactive issue management features, embedding risk mitigation into your daily operations.

Visibility Across Lifecycle

Obtain a comprehensive overview of every incident from detection to resolution, facilitating informed decision-making and incident tracking.

Powerful Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to recognize incident patterns, enhancing strategic decision-making, risk and compliance strategies.

Precise Documentation

Simplify incident logging and analysis with intuitive documentation capabilities, ensuring accuracy in root cause analysis and resolution tracking.

A Complete GRC Platform

StandardFusion GRC

StandardFusion is more than a risk management software; it’s a comprehensive GRC ecosystem. We integrate every aspect of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, simplifying and enhancing your management experience.

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StandardFusion allows us to demonstrate to clients how we are enabling them to meet their compliance objectives. Being able to tell our compliance story enables faster sales and reduced sales friction.

Sandy B.

CSO at Mirai

StandardFusion uses a simple interface to highlight the most important aspects of GRC. We are able to maximize our time spent on audit and compliance without the work monopolizing our time.

Micheal Goodwin

COO at Server At Work

Integrations to Power and Scale Your Incident Management Programs

Enable cohesive automation, transparency, and a unified risk management approach.

Embrace a proactive approach to incident