Audit Management

Adapt, Scale, and Centralize Your Audit Needs

Simplify audit planning and execution through automation and customizable workflows, centralizing information for better decision-making as your organization grows and changes.

Why Audit Management?



Only 30% of internal audit departments effectively leverage advanced data analytics to identify & assess risk.


Cybersecurity and data protection is a top area of concern, with 70% of chief audit executives ranking cyber risk as high or very high at their organizations.


Fewer than half (48%) of internal audit departments identify and monitor key risk indicators (KRIs).

Integrate Audits Into a GRC Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate audits into your GRC strategy, transitioning from reactive assessments to proactive, continuous improvement.
Automate data collection and analysis to reduce manual efforts, enabling more frequent and focused internal control audits.
Leverage a 'done once, serve many' approach for efficient review and remediation, significantly improving operational efficiency and growth.

Efficient, Automated Audit Execution

Automate evidence collection and consolidate audit documentation, streamlining the audit process and reducing manual effort.
Gain instant access to audit trails and progress, enabling quick response to findings and fostering a culture of accountability.
Leverage automation to efficiently gather necessary audit information, promoting a smoother, more reliable audit cycle.

Transparent and Collaborative Auditing

Enhance audit transparency and foster open communication, making audit activities accessible and understandable for all stakeholders.
Encourage organizational engagement with audits, using a platform tailored to your specific needs for inclusive participation.
Transform audits from mere compliance tasks to strategic opportunities for growth, learning, and continuous organizational development.

Advanced Features, Empowered Decisions

Features designed to enhance collaboration, understanding, and strategic action in audit management.

Automated Audit Workflows

Simplify audit execution with automated workflows, reducing manual efforts and enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your audit processes.

Audit Customization

Adapt audit management to your evolving needs with scalable solutions, ensuring your audit processes grow with your organization.

Collaborative Environment

Foster seamless collaboration and communication across audit teams and stakeholders, aligning objectives and improving audit transparency.

Dynamic Reporting

Utilize customizable dashboards for instant visibility into audits, findings, and compliance, facilitating informed decisions and timely issue resolution.

Evidence Management

Manage audit evidence through automated collection and centralized storage, ensuring accuracy and access for compliance and verification.

Consistent Methodologies

Achieve audit reliability and reduce discrepancies with customizable templates and controls, standardizing your audit practices across the board.

A Complete GRC Platform

StandardFusion GRC

StandardFusion is more than a risk management software; it’s a comprehensive GRC ecosystem. We integrate every aspect of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, simplifying and enhancing your management experience.

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StandardFusion allows us to demonstrate to clients how we are enabling them to meet their compliance objectives. Being able to tell our compliance story enables faster sales and reduced sales friction.

Sandy B.

CSO at Mirai

StandardFusion uses a simple interface to highlight the most important aspects of GRC. We are able to maximize our time spent on audit and compliance without the work monopolizing our time.

Micheal Goodwin

COO at Server At Work

Integrations to Power and Scale Your Audit Management

Enable cohesive automation, transparency, and a unified risk management approach.

Embrace a proactive approach to audit