StandardFusion Support

StandardFusion support is always included with your subscription and not an additional cost.

Help When You Need It

Customer support requests are our top priority. With an SLA mandated response time of two business hours, our customer success representatives are available whenever you need them, via phone, email, or in-app support requests.

Streamlined Onboarding

Flexible, comprehensive, and streamlined onboarding experience designed to match the pace of each customer’s unique needs, from implementation planning, to data import and training, each step is done with a dedicated representative at a fraction of the cost of competing GRC platforms.

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“The StandardFusion on-boarding team is accessible and great at answering questions. During our initial setup, we had some procedures specific to our unique compliance requirements and after discussing them in detail with StandardFusion, we were able to re-imagine some of our processes and improve them with StandardFusion.”

– Michael Goodwin, Chief Operating Officer

Customers Love Us

Customers continue to rate StandardFusion as a GRC platform leader because of our transparency and support throughout their entire journey. A strong support team is critical to ensuring onboarding success and user adoption with any software platform.

Plug in where you are today 

GRC tool should fit your unique GRC program while freeing up resources for other business critical functions. StandardFusion is designed to plug into your compliance process without requiring a rebuild.

Get fully operational in within weeks with minimal lift from your team and no technical resources. The StandardFusion support team can handle everything from importing the data you have today to structuring workflows to match your established processes.

Feature Requests & Product Roadmap

StandardFusion’s long term development plan is primarily driven by feedback as to what our customers want to see. With hundreds of customer feature requests fulfilled to date and monthly updates to the platform, we are always evolving and working to offer the best GRC platform on the market.