Automate Compliance with StandardFusion

Today's compliance challenges demand more than compliance-in-a-box solutions.

Automate Compliance with StandardFusion

Compliance Automation. Effortlessly collect evidence through our many integrations, or create your own with our open API.

Streamlined Workflows. Prompt control owners with automated tasks that reduce manual and redundant processes.

Trusted Audit Trails. Prevent audit surprises by automatically tracking and logging all compliance program activities.

Don’t Settle for Compliance-in-a-box Tools

Automate your entire compliance program with StandardFusion’s GRC Platform.
StandardFusion's GRC platform integrated with Slack, Jira, Office365, Security Scorecard

Integrated & Automated

Streamline scheduled and recurring audits by automating evidence collection for your controls & requirements with integrations that sync on-demand information security data such as logs, configuration files, and security assessments.

Laptops with StandardFusion's GRC platform

Engage Your Stakeholders

Drive accountability among stakeholders with automatic email reminders, task notifications, and a clear view of their outstanding and completed compliance responsibilities and deadlines with a centralized task management solution.

Customized API Connections

Connect directly to your custom systems, assets, and more, to automate your evidence collection, gain insights into operations, compliance and risk status, to rapidly respond to organizational agility and resilience.

Integrations to Power and Scale Your GRC Programs

Enable cohesive automations, transparency, and a unified risk management approach.

We Build Trust in Your Information Security Programs

Consistency & Visibility Across the Board

Experience a seamless, automated workflow that enhances coordination across various departments when reporting for internal and external audits by ensuring a uniform and clear view of your organization’s compliance health.

Continuous Compliance Assurance

Take a holistic approach to managing compliance, ensuring consistency and alignment of your organizational controls. Go beyond mere evidence collection, integrating into your existing systems to maintain continuous compliance.

Scalable Compliance for Every Business Size

Adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Whether you’re a startup or an industry leader, compliance automation helps to handle extensive evidence volumes to meet information security challenges efficiently.

Agile Response to Compliance and Incidents

Boost your organization’s agility and resilience with an integrated and automated approach. Enable informed decision-making in response to dynamic evidence and compliance demands, ensuring that your business stays ahead of potential data incidents.

Start Automating Your GRC Programs with StandardFusion