Policy Management

Simplify Policy Creation and Collaboration

Speed up policy implementation with our in-app editor and automated approval workflows, reducing delays and providing a clear audit trail for seamless compliance management.

Why Policy Management?



44% of organizations say their top compliance management challenges are handling compliance assessments, undergoing control testing, and implementing policy and process updates


65% of organizations are operating “reactive” or “basic” policy management programs (as opposed to maturing or advanced).


in 2023, compliance and risk professionals said their top policy management challenges were training employees on policies (42%) and aligning policies to changing regulations (38%).

Streamline and Automate Policy Lifecycle Management

Centralize policy storage, editing, and management in one dynamic platform, making your documents accessible and up-to-date.
Automate approval workflows to reduce delays and ensure timely policy implementation, keeping your organization compliant.
Use document version control to track policy over time, maintaining accuracy and relevance in your compliance landscape.

Enhance Organizational Transparency and Integrity

Create a single, accessible repository for all policies to enhance visibility and understanding across your organization.
Track policy acceptance to ensure all employees are informed and compliant, reinforcing a culture of integrity.
Link policies to your organization's ethical standards, strengthening internal trust and projecting a strong external image.

Reinforce Compliance with Integrated Policy Management

Connect policies directly to compliance frameworks, controls, risks, and assets for a comprehensive view of policy impact.
Seamlessly automate policy adherence, review confirmation, and version control, saving time and enhancing compliance strategy effectiveness.
Leverage automated tasks to maintain a proactive compliance posture, integrating policy management as a core component of your GRC efforts.

Advanced Features, Empowered Decisions

Features designed to enhance collaboration, understanding, and strategic action in policy management.

Collaborative Policy Editing

Enable real-time collaboration with an in-app document editor to streamline policy creation, ensuring accuracy and alignment with organizational goals.

Automated Approval Workflows

Simplify and accelerate approval processes with automated workflows for faster policy implementation and enhanced transparency.

Centralized Policy Repository

Improve policy visibility and access through a centralized repository, ensuring that all employees can easily find and understand relevant policies.

Policy Acceptance Monitoring

Efficiently track policy acceptance and compliance using advanced monitoring tools, minimizing administrative work and keeping the workforce informed.

Document Version Control

Effectively manage policy versions with strong version control, guaranteeing the use of up-to-date policies for integrity and compliance.

Integrated Policy and Compliance Frameworks

Ensure consistent policy enforcement by integrating policies with compliance frameworks and controls, supporting overall compliance and risk efforts.

A Complete GRC Platform

StandardFusion GRC

StandardFusion is more than a risk management software; it’s a comprehensive GRC ecosystem. We integrate every aspect of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, simplifying and enhancing your management experience.

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StandardFusion allows us to demonstrate to clients how we are enabling them to meet their compliance objectives. Being able to tell our compliance story enables faster sales and reduced sales friction.

Sandy B.

CSO at Mirai

StandardFusion uses a simple interface to highlight the most important aspects of GRC. We are able to maximize our time spent on audit and compliance without the work monopolizing our time.

Micheal Goodwin

COO at Server At Work

Integrations to Power and Scale Your Policy Management

Enable cohesive automation, transparency, and a unified risk management approach.

Embrace a proactive approach to policy management