Product Update | May 2020

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We are excited to announce StandardFusion 2.20! This update features an overhaul of collaborators and tasks, improved reporting features, and a rework of dashboards. 


Direct Login

Collaborators can now securely log into StandardFusion, streamlining their participation in the compliance management workflow, and making it easier for managers to manage and delegate tasks. 

  • Secure access to tasks within StandardFusion
  • View and manage assigned tasks 
  • See relationship between tasks, standards and policies

Collaborator View

Collaborator view provides users with what they need to complete the task they were assigned including: all the tasks associated records, action buttons, drag and drop file upload, task details and its full history. Collaborators are able to upload evidence, and update workflows but otherwise have read only access for more secure task management.

  • View all active, upcoming, and planned tasks
  • See which records are affected by individual tasks
  • UI improvements for faster evidence gathering and information digestion


Whether you want an overview of your entire security program, a high-level breakdown of tasks, or visibility into what is putting your compliance at risk, we have revamped dashboards so users can quickly view and address issues jump between functional areas.  

Risk Dashboard

The risk dashboard displays everything you want to know about the many risks facing your company and all risk related processes including: your risk analyses, the top risks, total risks by treatment and vendor assessments.

Compliance Dashboard

The new compliance dashboard gives a snapshot of your entire compliance program. See where you are compliant and what needs improvement while monitoring your audit and overall compliance progress. View audit program and audit progress live, their related standards and all requirements.

Task Dashboard

Track and manage everything associated with your tasks in the task dashboard. Keep yourself up to date and view total tasks grouped by workflow status, priority, and assignee while monitoring all existing and upcoming tasks. Users can quickly assign, update, and access all tasks in the task dashboard.


Task Overview

Task overview has been redesigned with a more fluid and information-rich layout. View all task data and details including related records and the results history in a single window. The Actions section features workflow buttons and a drag and drop uploader for document links and attachments. 

Task Results

Navigating to task results, users will see a similar page to the task overview: It has action buttons to change workflow, reassign results and to add comments and drag and drop uploading. It also displays all previous task results and their individual history.



StandardFusion can now generate FedRAMP’s Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) using your controls. With POA&M enabled, a new tab will appear in your tenant under programs. The POA&M tab has a list of milestones to help you manage and monitor your progress. Clicking a requirement and creating a new POA&M item, StandardFusion will create a new record and map the existing requirement to the POA&M template. Once your document is complete, export it as a pdf, docx or xlsx and share it within your team. 

Interface & Experience

  • Multi-line text descriptions for records 
  • Tenant specific time zones that correspond to record history entries  
  • Context menu option to open records in a new tab instead of the same window