Product Update | April 2022

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In this update, we added new features and integrations to help shorten the vendor due diligence processes, increase compliance and risk visibility, and enhance record and user management.

Added Third-Party Vendor Assessment Integrations

We’re excited to announce the addition of two new third-party vendor assessment integrations with RiskRecon and SecurityScorecard.

You’ll have seamless access to the leading vendor risk assessment ratings directly in StandardFusion which enables you to much more easily assess all your vendors which will shorten your due diligence process by streamlining vendor management entirely within StandardFusion.

Instant Vendor Risk Scores

Manage Roles & Assign Responsibility

StandardFusion has streamlined user permissions, responsibilities, and role tracking allowing you to assign stakeholders. Administrators have additional granular control when assigning records, while also offering limited users more visibility into the records they are responsible for.

Easily Assign Roles to Stakeholders

Stakeholders allow you to assign roles and track change management by defining multiple stakeholder users on any record.  Easy to use, Stakeholders work seamlessly with our advanced workflows to help you automate your approvals and review processes.

Collaborator Visibility Improvements

Strengthen your compliance and risk culture by inviting team members to collaborate on relevant processes. Collaborators, a limited user type, has always been a pivotal part of record ownership and responsibility. In this update, collaborators have even more access to manage, own, assess, and take responsibility for various parts of your compliance and risk program. Easily manage permissions and delegate responsibility pairing the new collaborator visibility with stakeholders.

Visualizing Workflows

StandardFusion supports powerful workflows, which until now have been difficult to visualize. Workflow Visualizations does what it says – providing you with a diagram flowchart of your workflows. See exactly how your processes work together and follow them through departments within your organization.

See Your Entire Workflow

Additional Updates

  • Redesigned vendor overview page
  • Additional insights in the vendor table view
  • Hierarchical view for connections

For more details, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!