Risk Management with StandardFusion.

We offer you a simple way to manage even the most complex risk management challenges.

The Features

Risk Identification

By leveraging the use of our integrated threat library, we make the process of identifying risks that are applicable to you easy. StandardFusion GRC software enables you to track, not only the risk, but also the associated assets.

Risk Assessment

Once identified you can assess your risks using one of our many included qualitative and quantitative risk methodologies, or define your own calculations. Standardfusion is not only simple but also flexible, use one of the built-in risk methodologies or upload your own.

Make Connections Where They Matter

Link organization-specific controls to your risks while tracking control maturity, testing, and effectiveness. Understand which processes are mitigating your risks and easily identify threats to your organization.

Risk Treatment

Connect your risks to the mitigating controls to show how your organization treats its threats. View on a heat map or in a report to get a holistic view of the risks that keep you up at night.

Data and Reporting

Generate beautiful reports for any audience, whether high-level executive summaries or detailed compliance reports. leverage the data in StandardFusion to provide insights into your organization.

Risk Analytics

Monitor the status of your risks, and see how they evolve over time. Track progress and understand how changes affect your business. Track trends and analyze effects internal and external factors affect your risks levels over time.

The Benefits

Solve Risks Before They Happen.

Use your risk register as a living and breathing document, allowing you to manage how to prioritize treating your risks and the effects of not. StandardFusions risk management allows you to easily identify, assess and treat risks before they happen. Track improvements and corrective actions in a GRC platform.

Simplifying Compliance, Simplifying Costs

Using our powerful dashboards and risk analytics, users can quickly understand framework requirements, associated tasks and identify gaps in compliance. StandardFusion connects your common controls to individual requirements across multiple security frameworks, so you can grow and mature your compliance programs at scale without having to scale costs.

Streamlined Simplicity

StandardFusion is easy to navigate with a clean interface, enabling users to quickly understand requirements and tasks. With simplicity at its core, the platform provides one-click access to the areas you’ll spend most of your time in such as your risk register or common controls. Visual cues include red flags indicating open tasks on any control and heatmaps showing risk.

Customization and versatility

StandardFusion provides you the flexibility to link together elements such as controls and risks without complicated development efforts. The versatile risk assessment process lets you select your own risk methodology.

"Compliance is not a simple thing, but StandardFusion makes it simple to understand."
Michael Goodwin, COO, SERVER@WORK

StandardFusion makes GRC Simple.

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