Policy Management with StandardFusion.

Organize and simplify every aspect of your policy management.

Policy Management Features

Policy Acceptance

Save hours of followup and reporting time by easily tracking employee acceptance of new policies. Generate reports and export documents for easy auditing.

Approval Workflow

Built-in approval management workflows allow you to assign approvals to the appropriate team members and keep an approval history for audits.

In-App Document Editor

Enhanced in-app document editing adds powerful editing capabilities and streamlines the user experience. Save time and edit documents in-app.

Document Versioning

Keep a track record of all policies and how they get updated. Compare differences and changes for published and draft policies to easily review and approve.

Policy Management Benefits

Centralized Policy Management

Policies can easily become scattered, lost, or changed without approval, leading to potential liabilities. Keep all your policy documents in one single place.

Policy Mapping

How exactly do your polices fit into your compliance and risk program? Create connections between frameworks, controls, risks and assets.

Keep Standards at Scale

Policies reflect how your organization behaves. It's values and ethics. Keep policies consistent as the organization grows and changes.

Identify Risk

Effective policy management leads to faster identification of risk, earlier response times, and eliminates risks associated with policy approvals and acceptance.

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