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Integrations to Manage and Scale Your GRC Program

Streamline your processes and discover how integrations can build a cohesive, transparent, and effective risk management program for a unified approach.

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Streamline team processes with Confluence. Update records seamlessly using “Confluence Attachment” as it consistently polls Confluence pages.

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Enhance IT-GRC insights with Qualys. Gain a unified view of vulnerabilities and asset compliance, simplifying all your stakeholders’ decision-making processes.

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Leverage Clearbit’s market intelligence platform to automatically enrich profile data for your vendors, giving you deeper insights for your third-party management.

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Delve into vendors’ cybersecurity with RiskRecon integration and gain a comprehensive, actionable, and intuitive view of third-party security practices at a glance.


SecurityScorecard offers an objective lens on your vendors’ security postures with its unbiased security ratings. Ensure alignment with your security standards.

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Elevate data management with Excel integration. Ensure smooth data transitions, facilitating efficient data analysis and reporting in your GRC & security programs.


Jira excels in issue tracking and workflow automation. Sync records to Jira issues, centralizing your workflow and enhancing project oversight in one unified experience.

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Optimize compliance with Unified Compliance Framework. Streamline multi-framework compliance, automate evaluations, and be regulatory-ready.

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Enhance cybersecurity with the Secure Controls Framework. You can now align control practices with dynamic business requirements and challenges.

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Harness the power of insights with PowerBI. Integrate to embed dynamic dashboards, promoting a rich, unified, and specific analytical experience for users.


Amplify and accelerate stakeholder engagement in your GRC programs by bringing critical notifications directly to their preferred communication hub. Keep them informed!

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Experience unparalleled authentication through SecureAuth. With its multi-factor authentication, this integration offers users a blend of safety and fluidity.

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Reinforce system control via Okta. Focusing on identity, it enhances user engagement, speeds up processes, and heightens employee productivity effortlessly.

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Guard system access with OneLogin. As an Identity and Access Management leader, it promises top-tier security without compromising user experience.

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Boost access security using Auth0. An adaptive authentication platform offering both straightforward implementation and unwavering protection.

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Connect users securely with PingIdentity. This integration helps you ensure a seamless and fortified connection, regardless of the service or platform used.

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Azure Active Directory

Single Sign-On, secure user & group management, and multi-factor authentication. Easily manage identity and access across cloud and on-premises resources.

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