StandardFusion: From Humble Beginnings to Hypergrowth 

From humble beginning to hypergrowth represented by our office

Our story begins in 2015 when our two co-founders set sail to disrupt the GRC space with one clear mission in mind… Provide scalable, efficient, cost-effective compliance and risk management software.  

But, there was a big challenge.  

GRC was limited to enterprises with six-figure budgets, making it inaccessible for most organizations. This is why StandardFusion was born — to make Governance, Risk, and Compliance more efficient and approachable for everyone. 

Bootstrapped and unaware of the success and growth ahead of us, we started our journey focused on solving three challenges: 

  1. Eliminate high costs of implementation and operation 
  2. Reduce complexity wherever possible through technology and automation 
  3. Add value to the bottom line by reducing risk and disruption before it happens. 

Looking back now, we’ve worked with some of the biggest organizations in the world, including Clarks, Clio, Northern Gas, and BDO.

Also, we’ve received recognition from industry-leading third-party analysts Gartner and Forrester, as well as being recognized by G2 as high-performers in the mid-market GRC platform space. Furthermore, StandardFusion was recently announced as a key participant in Mastercard’s Global Cybersecurity Alliance program. 

The Beginning of Our Hypergrowth 

StandardFusion’s hypergrowth took off in 2019 when we hit our first major milestone while growing the team from just two co-founders to 12 employees. All this while being entirely self-funded. 

Every year after 2019, we have doubled our ARR and increased our user base by 330% since the end of 2021. Our user base includes customers from around the world and across industries. Some of these industries include Retail, Finance, Government, Technology, and Healthcare.  

Over the past two years, we’ve grown exponentially and entered a new era of hypergrowth. We have doubled our team to 30 employees and hit our third major milestone. Moreover, we have achieved it while increasing our sales by 100% YoY. 

Image showing some of our team members this past May 2022

Pushing Through The Challenges 

StandardFusion is a team of young entrepreneurs coming together to disrupt the GRC space. Our team has significantly improved the efficiency of GRC for some of the biggest organizations in the world.  

We’ve been tremendously fortunate to not only survive but thrive. We’ve managed to navigate the difficult waters of lockdowns and economic uncertainty. 

Was it easy? Absolutely not. 

With our initial growth driven by in-person conferences and events in 2019, the February 2020 lockdowns put a full stop to our primary revenue-generating channel.  

However, with a fast pivot, we adapted our sales and marketing strategy by bringing on some marketers to help build and scale an inbound lead-generating machine. How did we achieve it? By investing in paid channels, establishing more value-driven organic content, and creating a tech stack to support our sales cycles. 

With great uncertainty at bay, we were able to tap into some hypergrowth hacks to position ourselves in the market, taking advantage of every opportunity to increase our online presence. In addition, by investing heavily into our long-term organic strategy, we have expanded our organic impressions by 280% YoY between 2019-2022. 

Our Impact 

On the surface, we’re in the business of simplifying the complexities of managing a wide range of risks and compliance. We’re succeeding where legacy systems fail because: 

  • We don’t require significant customization, which significantly shortens onboarding times. 
  • We deliver real-time analysis tools giving stakeholders visibility into what once was a black box. 
  • We offer customers significant user experience improvements and a transparent sales process. 

On a deeper level, we’re helping to transform operations teams into growth drivers. Although there are risks and fears, these teams are now finding ways to grow revenue, speed up productivity, and gain new business. We aim to change the culture from fear of non-compliance and breaches to how they can drive revenue in the long term. 

Revenue growth, efficiency, supporting communities, and expanding into new regions and industries; all ultimately comes down to company growth, and we’re helping build a tool that supports these goals. 

Next Steps: Continuing The Hypergrowth

Regarding our future outlook, we are focusing on partnerships and growth. However, our main goals remain the same… To help organizations expand their GRC capabilities through accessibility, simplicity, and automation.

Also, we’re looking forward to expanding our software throughout more industries while offering more certifications for our international markets.

Want a Better Security Management System?

Track compliance to multiple frameworks simultaneously, including HITRUST CSF, GDPR, CCPA and FedRAMP, and manage the entire risk and compliance lifecycle with a single tool.

In essence:

StandardFusion will continue to help you simplify the complexities of GRC by giving you a single place to manage everything you need.

Connect with us to answer your questions and show you how StandardFusion can help with managing your compliance and risks.