Allocadia Case Study

How Allocadia reduced due diligence process by 90% with StandardFusion

Learn how the Marketing SaaS company Allocadia uses the GRC StandardFusion platform to build a scalable, assurable program and repeatable audit processes.

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Industry Snapshot

About Allocadia

With over 16,000 Users, Allocadia has influenced more than $25 billion in revenue and saved companies over 1 Million working hours. Allocadia is a B2B software as a service (SaaS) and the developers of an award-winning investment management tool for enterprise marketers that allows companies to track their investments and their effectiveness over time.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

# of Employees

201 - 500 Employees

Previous Platform

Manual Spreadsheets

Feature Highlights

Marketing planning, budgeting, and performance management


Marketing and Advertising (SaaS)

# of Users

16,000 + Marketers



Building a fully-customizable, scalable program to automate due diligence and audits, as well as implementing a value assurance practice using their data model.


Allocadia’s existing information security program was built using a combination of spreadsheets, email, ticketing systems, and third-party software but was rapidly becoming unmanageable. Relying on manual evidence collection and processing, the program lacked visibility, making difficult to understand their security posture and defend their security stories.

Key Pain Points:
  • Labour intensive manual data entry.
  • Lack of visibility over potential risks and security posture.
  • Time wasted due to undocumented knowledge.
"If you have ARR as a metric, or if security and compliance are part of the customers’ purchasing decision, this is a slam dunk. This system returns 20x."

StandardFusion has successfully developed a customized, reliable and evidencable GRC program to improve Allocadia's evidence gathering, audits, reporting and internal communication, making the organization more agile and effective. Allocadia successfully laid the foundation of its data model in the platform and integrated its existing tools, achieving functionality and control for all data flows.

Key Solutions:
  • Seamless integration with Allocadia's existing tools to ensure productivity, speed, and reduce time-waste.
  • Control of data models by creating a fully-personalized program using their data flows.
  • A flexible system that adapts to Allocadia's needs, increasing procedural efficiency and automating manual work.
"StandardFusion gives you a canvas, in which you can paint as opposed to a bunch of Legos for you to snap together."

Allocadia's team implemented its value defence model and increased its total addressable market, adding automation to audits and dramatically shortening the due diligence process by more than 90%.

  • Automating due diligence and audits: Allocadia now has repeatability in their processes. They don't spend time compiling and cross-referencing evidence.
  • Building a data model: The extensibility of StandardFusion allowed Allocadia to develop its data and threat models in the software.
  • Value assurance and reducing revenue risks: The Information Security team at Allocadia has unlocked multiple regulated markets to enable their revenue strategy. Allocadia can now clearly demonstrate and defend the value of compliance, the value of security, and the equity value of the company in case of a strategic business trigger.

When it comes time to defend the company's equity value, the security team at Allocadia can now rapidly support every element of their security story with a piece of reputable evidence, which they couldn't do before using StandardFusion.

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