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Governance, Risk and Compliance [GRC]

  • Compliance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Audit Management
  • Vendor and Third-Party Assessment
  • Reporting and Analytics
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"The freedom StandardFusion provides is amazing, we can build any process that the way we want in particular, the versatility in the risk assessment process is fantastic"
Katie Robinson, CFE VP RISK MANAGEMENT, Whatcom Educational Credit Union
Risk Management

StandardFusion is an Integrated Risk Management GRC solution for technology-focused Information Security teams. Identifying, assessing, and treating risks is just as important to you, whether you are a large enterprise or small organization.

Audit Management

Manage all the tasks associated with your internal and external audits. Conduct audits with confidence and direct access to evidence. Turn audit-based activities into a standardized process.

Compliance Management

Your single source of truth for everything you need to meet your compliance requirements. Manage compliance to multiple standards, including; ISO, SOC2, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP and more. Connect what your organization does, with what your organization needs to do.

Vendor and Third-Party Assessment

Identify, assess and track your Vendors and Third-Parties using distributed information security questionnaires. Understand how your Vendors and Third-parties handle your data, so you can make informed decisions. Easily send Vendor security assessments, request clarification and gather evidence.