Product Release | FedRAMP SSP Report

The FedRAMP SSP report is a comprehensive overview of your security program, describing all the security controls used to secure the cloud environment. Generating the FedRAMP SSP report is typically a very time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are several methods that can create the report, including StandardFusion’s GRC software.

FedRAMP (Federal Risk Authorization Management Program) is a standardized approach for security, risk assessment authorization and monitoring for cloud service providers (CSP’s). Only CSPs wanting to offer their products to federal agencies are required to be FedRAMP certified.

Earning the FedRAMP certification is an arduous and multi-step process. The first being the creation of the assessment’s foundational document: the system security plan (SSP). It is the first of two reports that must be prepared by a CSP in order to begin the certification process.

Why Automate FedRAMP SSP Reports?

Automating the SSP report generation process presents a variety of benefits to your compliance team and organization. Here are four reasons CSPs should automate the creation of FedRAMP’s SSP report:

Save valuable resources

Automating the SSP report can save precious time, effort, and resources for CSPs. Once the report is created, it can be used as many times as needed, freeing the compliance team to reallocate their efforts on other projects.

Increase Accuracy

Using a tool to automate FedRAMP SSP report generation reduces potential errors in the reports. When properly configured, a tool can map your organizations controls directly to the corresponding FedRAMP requirements, eliminating additional data entry and redundant processes


Ideally, the software you use to automate the creation of the SSP report is scalable and can also be applied to other frameworks, such as NIST-800-53. As your company’s compliance program grows and matures, your GRC software should do the same, supporting you every step of the way and provide additional opportunities for enhanced automation.


Creating the SSP with your controls from one central platform has many advantages, both internally and externally. Having all your processes in one place gives organizations a clear view of what they should be doing vs. what they are doing, highlighting areas in need of improvement. Having this information is crucial for internal compliance teams, as it is for stakeholders, potential investors and assessors. By automating the report creation process, CSP’s can quickly provide the necessary reports as needed

Reporting With StandardFusion

StandardFusion is a governance risk and compliance (GRC) software with built-in reporting capabilities. With a few simply clicks, users can generate a plethora of reports including section 13 of the SSP report, utilizing the controls you’ve already documented within StandardFusion.

Users can further customize their SSP report by defining; FedRAMP Parameters, Roles, Implementation Status and Control Origination directly within StandardFusion. The software displays the data inline eliminating the need to look for complex parameters or update the Control Origination manually.

Use technology to your advantage and expedite the FedRAMP approval process while gaining invaluable insight into your compliance program with StandardFusion’s GRC software.