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We are excited to announce our new Policy Management module. Having a dynamic policy management system in place keeps your team informed of changes, organizational risk and shares accountability across teams. Our new policy management module includes multiple new features including: an in-app document editor, version tracking, approval management, acknowledgement tracking, and new reporting capabilities.   

Tackling Policy Management with StandardFusion

In-App Document Editor

We have implemented an in-browser document editor! To streamline the user experience, policy documents can be uploaded, downloaded, viewed, and edited directly within the browser.  

in-app editor screenshot

Users who need a powerful word processor to author, update or view their documents will be able to do so directly within the application, instead of jumping between various files or applications. 

Policy Tracking & Document Versioning

Introducing version tracking for policy documents. With policy tracking, you can keep a record of all company policies and how they are updated over time. Users can compare previous documents with updated drafts to formulate clear and concise policies that resonate with employees.

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In terms of new policy versions, users will have to create them manually: allowing for minor fixes (e.g. typos) to be addressed without requiring the formalities that may be involved when issuing an updated policy.

While a version can be published, or unpublished at any time, it will not be possible to publish more than one version of a policy simultaneously. StandardFusion also supports draft versions, so that policy updates can be prepared, reviewed, and approved before they are published and sent for acceptance.

policy update screenshot

Policy Approval Management

Create a culture of accountability amongst all company employees. With built-in approval management, users can assign policy updates, add adherents and send approval reminders to the appropriate team members. StandardFusion will keep all approval history data, making future audits a breeze and increasing transparency.

By default, we have implemented an approval process with just one required step. Users with additional requirements or their own approval process can create personalized workflows as necessary.

Policy Acknowledgment

Once a policy has been approved and published, StandardFusion will notify team members, vendors, and contractors of the new/updated policy.

policy acknowledgment notification

The policy itself will be presented in a web browser where users can read the policy and then click the Acknowledge button to confirm acceptance. StandardFusion then saves this acknowledgement within the policy record history in case of litigation or an audit.

submitted response notification screenshot

Analytics and Reporting

The application includes dashboards and report generating capabilities to help reveal key insights and assist with audit requirements. These will include additional compliance metrics, charts, and reports to help practitioners understand how their policies contribute to overall compliance and risk management.

Get Started with Policy Management 

As companies grow in size and complexity, manually managing your policies becomes exponentially more difficult, if not impossible. With a pragmatic policy management system in place, companies can effortlessly communicate and track policies and approvals, keep teams abreast of risks and share accountability across the organization. StandardFusion’s new Policy Management module aims to reduce workload and streamline your policy management process and is available to all customers today!