Product Update | July 2021

For this update, we have built several new features to increase user accessibility, improve system visibility, and make our forms and questionnaires increasingly useful across new use cases.

Working towards a seamless data collection and user management experience, below is an overview of what’s included in our July update:

  • Collaborator Portal
  • Policy Management Updates
  • Self-Serving Questionnaires & Forms
  • Authentication and User Management

Collaborator Portal

The Collaborator Portal makes for fast and frictionless data collection and collaboration across your network of employees, partners and vendors. The Collaborator Portal features new dashboards, a policy portal, and a unified sign-in experience.

Collaborator Portal - dashboard


Upon signing in, Collaborators are directed to an Overview page highlighting Tasks, Policies, and Questionnaires. Each with their own dashboard, collaborators can see what applies to them in a matter of moments. Adding policy elements, questionnaire completion status, and improving task visibility, Collaborators can quickly prioritize and perform.

Collaborator Portal - Questionnaires

Policy Portal

With the new Policy Portal, all employees now have a place to view and accept company policies. Not only can users accept new policies, but they can log in and view all previously accepted and communicated policies.

Consolidate your policy management tools and leverage StandardFusion for policy creation, review, approval, and distribution.

Collaborator Portal - Policies

Unified Sign-in Experience

Let’s face it, passwords can be a hassle to keep track of. StandardFusion now supports multiple sign-in options for all users including password-less authentication. Infrequent users can access StandardFusion without needing a password by requesting a login email to initiate sign-in.

Questionnaires & Forms

Practitioners can now create self-service Questionnaires that all users can begin and complete on their own. Our self-serve questionnaires are designed to replace clunky forms and seamlessly capture relevant information. Questionnaires can be generated for multiple record types and sent to anyone in your organization’s network.

Collaborator portal - self serve questionnaires

Use cases include; new vendor assessment, new asset assessment, new incident, new risk assessment, or even a control self-assessment.

Authentication & User Management 

Adding additional visibility and control over login authentication, Practitioners will have a much easier time managing Users, Collaborators and Contacts while maintaining the security and integrity of their system. Users can now:

  • Option to use selected Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Manage MFA settings on behalf of Collaborators.
  • Improvements to bulk managing users
  • A new unified sign-in option is now available to allow sign-in without a password via access links to email

User Experience Improvements

Improvements to the user experience include:

  • A redesigned email notification and access styling
  • Multiline text assessment methodology fields can now be used to track long-form assessment contents.
  • Minor Bug fixes