January Update

2019 was a busy year for us, and we wanted to update you on all things StandardFusion. We have added some new faces to the team and have been hard at work developing some powerful new features to make your life easier.

Hierarchical (tree) view

Standards with a hierarchical requirement structure can be shown in an expandable treeview.

Fully grasp your compliance program with our new treeview. Choose to see the big picture or breakdown hierarchical requirements into their parent and child elements. In treeview, you can now connect a single control to one or multiple overarching requirements.

Subsequently, StandardFusion will link all ensuing elements as either direct or indirect connections so users can easily follow how each control satisfies a requirement. In addition to direct connections, indirect connections can now be viewed concurrently with treeview.

FedRAMP Parameter Fields

Users can customize their Standards by substituting their own values into requirements with parameter options.

Read FedRAMP requirements the way they should be, with your data displayed inline. Define your own FedRAMP Parameters, Implementation Status and Control Origination directly within StandardFusion. Never again will you have to waste time looking up obscure parameters or manually update the Control Origination.

FedRAMP SSP Report

Creating reports can be tedious and time-consuming. At the press of a button, users can easily create detailed custom FedRAMP SSP reports within StandardFusion. With the use of StandardFusion’s FedRAMP Parameter Fields, you have all the data you need to automatically generate section 13 of the SSP. Save yourself the hassle and easily create a FedRAMP SSP report in StandardFusion with a just a few clicks.

Jira Integration Update

Issue creation within StandardFusion has been streamlined for improved task visibility and management.

Our top integration just got better! This update sees improvements to the Jira integration that streamlines automatic issue creation. Save time and automate your workflow by easily creating Jira issues within StandardFusion. Maintain visibility across all teams by creating meaningful integrations between the tools you already use.

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing of basic records is here! Users can now edit multiple records at once, saving time and eliminating potential data entry errors. Mass select records and update their status from the drop down menu. What was once a tedious process, can now be done in a matter of seconds.

Don’t get too cozy as our next update is well on its way. We hope you are as excited as we are for what we have planned in 2020!

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.