StandardFusion Named Best Compliance & GRC Software of 2021 in Independent Research best grc software badge, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has named StandardFusion among the Best Compliance Management Systems of 2021 and Best GRC Software of 2021 in independent research to help businesses better manage their Governance, Risk, and Compliance.’s research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 70 solutions where StandardFusion, and other solutions, were evaluated on core features, reporting tools, and their ability to support a variety of compliance frameworks applicable to different industries and government regulators.

Why Are GRC Systems Important?

Regulations have become common place across multiple industries, where compliance is required to operate. As industry regulation and government legislation broadens around the world, the issue of compliance and information security risk continues to be a top business priority. Given the pace and scale of change taking place, companies with a reactive mindset are falling behind the competition – leaving them exposed to breaches as well as regulatory and reputational risk.

Compliance in itself is convoluted. With so many moving parts in an organization, it can be extremely difficult to manage efficiently. GRC platforms help organizations by simplifying compliance – ensuring their policies, processes, controls, and work functions align with continually evolving regulations and best practices set forth by governments and regulatory bodies.

These systems bring together all regulatory and business requirements under the same umbrella for people to get a clear picture of all their compliance and risk, and that visibility is what ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

In creating a single source of truth, organizations can eliminate organizational siloes for efficient and secure collaboration across teams and third parties, while also offering teams a holistic view of compliance levels and performance for faster, data-backed decision making.

Modern CMS solutions automate compliance and risk mitigation processes wherever possible, reducing cost, eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks, and allowing resources to be put to better use, driving flexibility, efficiency, and performance.

By automating processes, establishing workflows, and providing data-driven insights for your compliance and risk initiative, a CMS makes it significantly easier for organizations to ensure compliance with regulatory demands, proactively reduce risk, grow customer confidence, and achieve business objectives.

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